Q. How to Select a Genuine Exporter?

1. Understand the exporter's company:

When did the company start? What is the background? Do they have any vision? Do they have the website?
Please understand the content in the company website. Please focus on content and not on beautification of the site.
Do they have any complaints in google? If there are, please cross check with the exporter to know the real facts and understand the case.

2. Exporter's Presence:

Find out the digital presence of the company. This is very important because a company which is present everywhere in the internet will definitely would have spent more money and willing to expand their business. It is just like participating in one tradeshow.

3. Knowledge, Quality and Source of the Product

We need to understand whether the company or the concerned person has knowledge on the subject or the product. We also need to probe lot of questions about quality parameters, specifications, importing countries documentation etc. Buyer also needs to understand where the crop grows in the exporting country and whether exporter is purchasing directly from farmer or any middle men involved.

4. Pricing of the Product

Here is the most important thing where importer has to focus on. Please be focused on quality and understand the parameters and variety in each and every product. Please set your expectation clear on quality and also ask the exporter that what quality they are offering? There are chances of high probability that Low price quotations fall in bad quality.

5. Video calling Interaction/ Physical Visit:

Most of us prefer E-mail communication but email alone will not know whom are you dealing and how the person is, you need to do video calling to interact with the exporter so that you are clear and also get more information about the product. In this way, you get to understand the person and company better in the way that they talk.

6. Verification

In case you are comfortable with the quality, pricing and payment terms then go ahead and do some verification about the company in local embassy or associations or government bodies or reference checking through relatives or friends or fellow businessmen in that country. Please make sure you come to a conclusion

7. Willingness to help the buyer

While interacting with the exporter, you can understand whether they are real or not and are they willing to help you with more information and have passion to maintain relationship though you have not given the order. Genuine exporters always give right suggestions and right feedbacks even about competitors. They do not feel unsecured and they have a strong belief in their quality and service.


  The above points are not a thumb rule that the selection process should be like the above but we are just sharing the information so that you might pick some of the points in case you find it interesting.

Q. Is Hind Foredeck is a registered company?

Yes Hind Foredeck is a registered company, we are registered with all Indian government departments which are necessary for an exporter and a food company. We had also displayed some of our certificates on our website, you can see them here.

Q. How can I check the authenticity of the Hind Foredeck?

You can contact your local Embassy in India, they can do the verification for you. You can also check the authentication of certificates on the website of issuing authority. And please feel free to contact us regarding this, we can provide you further necessary information for your verification.

Q. From where I can get more information about Hind Foredeck?

You can reach us any time for any further information required. We will be more than happy to help you. For our contact details click here.

Q. Is Hind Foredeck's products are of Indian origin?

Yes, we only deals in Indian origin products.

Q. The product which I am looking is not in your product list?

No issues for that, we will appreciate you to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you.

Q. How can I confirm about the quality of the products?

We are very much concern about the quality of our food products as it is directly relates to the health of our consumer hence, our all products have quality certification from concern authorities. Except that we also have our own quality standards which we follow very strictly.

Q. Is Hind Foredeck have any internal structure for customer support?

Yes, satisfaction of our customers is always remains in our priority. We have a 24x7 dedicated team, reachable at Support@hindforedeck.com, which will respond to you within 24 hours. And will find you a solution of your problem as soon as possible.
We provide our customers the best customer service experience they ever had.

Q. What are the payment terms of Hind Foredeck?

We can discuss it later but first let only focus on your product requirements.

Q. In which Inco-term Hind Foredeck deals?

We mainly deals in FOB (any Indian port), but final Inco-term will be decided after the discussions with the buyer.

Q. Do Hind Foredeck deals in every country?

Yes, we deal in every country. However, payment term may vary for different countries.

Q. How much time does Hind Foredeck take to dispatch products?

After the confirmation of order, your products will be dispatch within 6-30 days.

Q. What's this "GI Product" tag means?

GI means "Geographical Indication". This is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. In other words, these products have special and unique nutritional value for you.